Andrea and I have launched this David Bowie fansite to share our common interest in the Duke with the rest of the web.

Some years ago I found her profile on and sent her an IM. We hit it off fairly well, dated for about three years, and then married our CD collections together back in May of 2004. In December of 2010 we produced a little Bowie fan of our own.  That’s the short version. Bowie’s music apparently brought us together and it’s safe to say his life and work will always be a source of intrigue and a topic for discussion for us. I think it’s about time we started writing it down.

And while is still tops as far as fansites are concerned, the flow of news and updates has completely dried up. Bowienet was once a prime resource for information, too, but it seems their only news headline anymore is “More Crap to Buy”. Is Chronology really coming soon? Anyone holding their breath for that has long since died, decayed, and grown a lush thicket of grass out of their crusty rear. Plus with his last journal entry more than a year ago, does it look like Sailor’s even interested anymore?

All the same, we still occasionally subscribe and enjoy what’s there. And as a webmaster I can appreciate how difficult it can be to keep the mouseball rolling. But once upon a time, that site was more than a message board and collection agency, it was alive and cutting edge.

So we’ll have a go at it ourselves. To start we’re plunking WordPress, Gallery2 and MediaWiki on the server. Now to fill them up.

Anyone wishing to contact us regarding information on the site can do so at webmistress (at) or webmaster (at) (Addresses not linked to in order to prevent us from getting spammed.)

4 Responses to “About This Website”

  1. ziggy_stardust Says:

    Incredible site, thank you from all the bowiephiles out there!

  2. Steve Says:


    I guess it’s ok…

  3. Music rapidshare Says:



  4. Says:

    Cracking website, but if you’re starving for your gravy, why not open Bowie’s Tin of Stewing Steak at: ?