Iggy made the news today because his speakers apparently go to eleven. When he played the Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, back in July the volume reached 102.5 decibels, a mere 2.5 over the festival limit. Check out the article on Launch UK.

Andrea and I saw Iggy in South Florida some years ago, and it’s true, he does give the audience a little something extra. When he climbed a pile of speakers up to a second level overlooking the stage, Andrea helped float him. She said he felt slimy. I snapped a picture but my rotten digicam flash went supernova.

All in all the festival producers got a $1,155 fine and Mr. Osterberg got a bit of free publicity that only serves to promote his image as the Godfather of Punk. Rock on, Iggy! Just a smidge quieter, if you would.

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