XM Radio's Listen Large Ad Campaign featuring David Bowie
Both the Berlinners have TV commercials running these days which you’ve probably already seen, but need mention at least for posterity’s sake. Both ads see them contributing their glittery star power to all-star casts. Bowie’s for XM Radio features Snoop Dogg hunting down his missing neck bling, and Iggy’s for the Motorola ROKR iTunes Phone has him cramming in a phone booth with Madonna among others.

Where the XM ad was once featured on the XM Radio website, good luck finding it now. Which leads me to say, hat’s off, XM. You just dropped a chunk of change to gather a host of celebrities for a 30-second ad, why should you want it to be readily seen? The best they have on their site is this exhilarating press release.

Iggy’s is available, though. See it with your Quicktime Player on WatchMacTV.com.

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