Paul Weller, winner of the Brits Lifetime Achievement Award, recently bashed Bowie in an interview with Uncut Magazine. He stated, “Wrong! I like about three records of his. The rest of it’s pish” when Bowie’s recent Recording Academy Lifetime Acheivement Award was mentioned. Maybe he’s been taking Bowie-bashing lessons from Morrissey. A review of the interview can be found at

Readers, raise your hand if you can immediately name three modern artists who cite Bowie as an influence. Now, raise your hand if you can do the same for Weller. Exactly.

Weller also attacked Freddie Mercury, Sting, Bono, and Bob Geldorf. Good job attacking Mercury, Weller. Malign a dead man. Next on his list of dead influential artists to disparage: Joe Strummer, Ian Curtis, Joey Ramone, and Kurt Cobain.

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