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Dancing With The Pink Boys
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Those London Pink Floyd fans are a bunch of lucky bastards. Bowie made a suprise appearance with Pink Floyd at Royal Albert Hall on Monday, May 29. Apparently the secret was so well kept that even his own webmaster did not know until Bowie personally called him and told him to hustle over. Pink Floyd played their entire set and waited until nearly the end to bring out Bowie and slay the audience. Bowie sang two songs with Glimour and Co. – Arnold Layne and Comfortably Numb. Here’s hoping that someone recorded that gig.

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God Knows He’s Good
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Silly bit of gossip for you all – while filming The Prestige, Hugh Jackman managed to offend Bowie. According to Jackman in an interview with The Courier-Mail, he told Bowie that the first show he ever bought tickets to was one that Bowie did in Australia in 1981. He then admitted to Bowie that someone outside of the show offered to buy his tickets for $50 and Jackman took the offer. Amazingly, Jackman asked Bowie to sing him a few songs and Bowie refused. Wonder why. Jackman has a reputation for being a nice guy, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe he was so awe-struck at being in the presence of a living legend that he took his foot and stuck it directly in his mouth.

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The Real Reason
Friday, May 12th, 2006

“[This will] probably be the last time I will be doing these songs.” “Fuck Off. I’m in Tin Machine.” “I’m fed up with the industry…I’m taking a year off.” In light of Bowie’s recent announcement that he will curate the New York Festival, we see right through that last statement much like we saw through the previous two. Bowie will be taking his “year off” to choose which musical acts and artists he wants to feature in the First Annual 2007 High Line Festival. He will be assisted in this enormous task by his two co-founders David Binder and Josh Wood. The ten-day festival will culminate in a show by Bowie – which will be his first big show since his heart attack. You can read more about Bowie’s announcement on and (Thanks to pooh burgess from the Bauhausmusik forum for doing my homework for me with the NME link.) You can also read an interesting Bowie Conspiracy Theory on

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Bowie on Hiatus in 2006?
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

According to a New Zealand news wire, Mr. Bowie’s told New York Magazine he’s decided to take a break from writing and performing music. And who is to blame? Says Sailor, “I’m fed up with the industry and I’ve been fed up for quite some time. I’m taking a year off, no touring, no albums.”

That’s right, the same folks that brought you the RIAA lawsuits and American Idol, haved bummed our rock hero into silence. One would figure a performer of his financial success wouldn’t need to deal with the music industry at all if he chose not to, however, given his interest in upcoming acts, the frustration is understandable.

As for how he’s spending his time, “I go for a walk every morning, and I watch a ton of movies. One day, I watched three Woody Allen movies in a row.” I’m not sure I buy the image of the Thin White Couch Potato. But if anyone’s earned the right to sit back, relax and just enjoy his life and his family, it’s this one.

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