“[This will] probably be the last time I will be doing these songs.” “Fuck Off. I’m in Tin Machine.” “I’m fed up with the industry…I’m taking a year off.” In light of Bowie’s recent announcement that he will curate the New York Festival, we see right through that last statement much like we saw through the previous two. Bowie will be taking his “year off” to choose which musical acts and artists he wants to feature in the First Annual 2007 High Line Festival. He will be assisted in this enormous task by his two co-founders David Binder and Josh Wood. The ten-day festival will culminate in a show by Bowie – which will be his first big show since his heart attack. You can read more about Bowie’s announcement on NME.com and Billboard.com. (Thanks to pooh burgess from the Bauhausmusik forum for doing my homework for me with the NME link.) You can also read an interesting Bowie Conspiracy Theory on Pitchforkmedia.com.

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