Our gallery is now back up after our disastrous loss of data a couple of months ago. I have pictures from every era of Bowie’s career organized into folders to reflect the eras. There are over 1000 pictures in there, so I have not yet had a chance to edit all of the captions for all of the pictures. In the captions and/or description I will try to reflect the event at which the picture was taken and/or who took the picture. However, I do not have information as to who took the picture for well over two-thirds of the pictures in the gallery. If anyone sees a picture that either belongs to them or that they can verify the source for, then please contact me with the information. If you wish to have your picture removed, I will do that as well. The gallery is a work in progress and will be until every picture has a credit attached to it, so please bear with me. Furthermore, if you have any pictures that are not already featured and would like to see them added, then feel free to send those along as well. Your Webmistress thanks you.

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