Iman appeared on the Tyra Banks show on Tuesday, July 4 to share some makeup tips with Tyra and her audience. She also took the opportunity to promote her makeup line Iman, which is wonderful by the way, and to mention what David is up to. After Iman’s tips to the audience, Tyra asked her how David was doing and what he was up to. Iman replied that at the moment he was at home babysitting Lexi. She left him for the afternoon with lots of stickie-notes around the house. Tyra’s last question for Iman was what David’s greatest weakness is with Lexi. Iman said laughingly that he says yes to everything. That statement is still cracking me up two days later.

For those ladies who didn’t get the chance to see the show and want to know Iman’s tips, here they are. Her first tip was to start with foundation makeup, the most important type of makeup. She said that every woman should test out three shades close to their skin color down on their jawline. Whichever color that you don’t see is the proper color for you. Her second tip was that every woman should wear lipgloss. Third and last tip, every woman should wear bronzer on her cheeks. Her exact words were, “J.Lo didn’t become J.Lo without bronzer.”

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