Poster for Changes: A Science Fiction Tap OperaIt seems like the stage performance world is determined to have Bowie’s music grace a show come hell or high water. First, it was Ziggy the musical. Next, it was the Bruce Lee story. Now, the Chicago Tap Theatre has finally succeeded in getting Bowie’s music onstage. Starting July 14 and running for the next three months, the Chicago Tap Opera is presenting Changes: A Science Fiction Tap Opera. The show is based entirely on Space Oddity and the character of Major Tom. According to an article from ABC 7 Chicago, the show tells of space travel, alien overlords, and and social upheaval. Not surprisingly, Bowie is slightly dismayed at the way his work is being interpreted by the company. Upon hearing the news he stated to his Bowienet webmaster,”It had to come to this? A tap musical. Bowie on tap? And what is that fucking helmet like?” (Quote courtesy of Bowienet.)

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