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In Their Satin And Tat
Thursday, September 28th, 2006

David and Iman recently attended a showing of Madama Butterfly for the opening night of the New York Metropolitan Opera. Apparently the crowd was star-studded one with the likes of Sean Connery, Naomi Watts, and tabloid darling Jude Law. David enjoyed the show so much that he wrote his first journal entry on Bowienet in nearly two years. Only subscribers can view the entry, but for those who want to view a teaser of the latest entry here’s the link. If David is going to continue to make regular journal entries, then maybe the Webmaster and I can dig up $65 for a year subscription.

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A Little Extra Bowie
Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Your Yank Webmistress and Webmaster are in envy of the British Bowie fans who were able to see Bowie on Extras. Bowienet and other sources have provided the link for online viewing of the episode through BBC2, but fans outside of the UK are unable to see it. So if anyone with sharper eyes than mine catches it on YouTube, Google Video, My Space, etc. before I do then please let me know so I can provide the link here.

[edit]Nevermind, beat you to it.  Here’s the YouTube link.  Enjoy!!

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Bowie Gets In ‘Control’
Monday, September 18th, 2006

According to NME, the soundtrack to the movie ‘Control’ about the life of former Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis will feature an all-star line up of glam rock’s finest. Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Roxy Music are all set to provide tracks, with New Order writing the film score. The album will also include original songs by Joy Division and Warsaw, as they were first known. Control began filming in July with Anton Corbijn directing and Sam Riley, lead singer of indie band 10,000 Things, playing the role of Curtis.

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Be The Inspiration
Monday, September 11th, 2006

HMV Be Inspired Print AdOn September 5, HMV launched their “Be Inspired” featuring none other than Bowie and the Aladdin Sane cover as the face of the campaign. For the campaign, HMV reworked the cover of Aladdin Sane to replace the signature red-and-blue of the lightning bolt with the HMV Pink (they say it’s magenta, but I’m a girl and I say it’s pink). HMV is also running a black,white, and pink version of the one of the Hours… shots by Frank Ockenfels. To read the entire press release and to visit the HMV Be Inspired page, click on the links. For those wondering why this report is so late, I held off on reporting this until I could find information from reliable sources outside of Bowienet. We do our own thing here.

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Maybe That’s Where Marilyn Manson Got The Idea
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

In just about the strangest article mentioning Bowie that I have ever read, Jerry Heller of Ruthless Records recounts how his friend “Miami” Mike Gruber tried to convince Bowie to have breast implants put in his chest and tour with them while dressed in a blue cocktail dress. Bowie’s reply to the request? “What if I don’t like the boobs after the tour?” A lesser man would have run out of the room screaming for the men in white coats.

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