Got a bit of catching up to do on Bowie news, so here goes. Bowie has signed up with Nokia to to launch their Music Recommender Service. Once a month, Bowie will make a contribution to the service through podcasts and features of his favorite new bands in an effort to bolster the portable music market. Additionally, Bowie appeared in a short film to launch the service.

This is a great promotional strategy on the part of Nokia. For years Bowie has been very vocal about fostering his favorite new acts, so he’s a natural choice for a contributor to the service. However, this seems like something that should be featured on Bowienet as well. For years there has been a lack of participation on Bowie’s part in the Bowienet community. I understand that the man has a very short attention span and constantly takes on new projects, but fans who want to take him up on his new music recommendations should not have to shell out more cash to get one of the new Nokia phones that are compatible to the service nor should they also have to subscribe to that service. It only makes sense that Bowienet should provide some level of access to this service for the amount of money that subscribers pay each year. So kudos to Nokia and Bowie for the bril marketing strategy, but take it one step further to the fans will ya?

The Nokia press release can be read here, along with some additional articles.

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