If anyone has ever doubted Bowie’s genius, then doubt no more. Never in a million years did I dream that Bowie would participate in something as downright silly as Spongebob Squarepants. That’s right, the same man who wrote the line “Research has pierced all extremes of my sex” is voicing the character Lord Royal Highness on an episode of Spongebob next year. Sheer. Genius. Has he lost his mind, you ask? Nope. His daughter Lexi is a fan of the show, so he decided to get involved with it. There is no dearth of articles on this subject so I’ll point you towards the best ones, which are featured in Hecklerspray and Earthtimes.org (kudos to Earthtimes for printing the entirety of Bowie’s journal entry in their article, mwa-hahahaha).

Tangientially, receiving such a massive amount of articles on this latest bit of Bowie news makes me realize just how sad and lazy the popular press is today. I some form of the line “all it took was daddy’s little girl to turn David Bowie from a rock star into the voice of a cartoon” in five different articles, and those were just the few that I actually read.

3 Responses to “The Rise And Fall of Spongebob Squarepants and the Pineapple Under The Sea”

  1. saudade Says:

    Well, look at it this way, it may turn kids like my 5 year old nephew, destined by birth to listen to Toby Keith, onto the Thin White Duke. Er, Thin White Lord Royal Highness.

    BTW, wordpress won’t let me comment in the Iman/George Asda post for some reason, but my two cents are that she’s clueless. Only because I didn’t have a clue either about the George line until two days ago while taking my mom to the Wal. Cute clothes. I don’t shop there, but I am more in the Wal economic bracket than Iman for sure, so Iman not knowing makes sense. Probably one of their minions was wearing something from there.

  2. Webmistress Says:

    Since you put it that way, I can see how Iman might not know that George is a Wal-mart line. Haha, minions…that brings to mind an entire army of Iman lookalikes.

  3. ziggy_stardust Says:

    I cant wait to see this!