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So Long, Soulman
Monday, December 25th, 2006

James Brown passed away this morning at 1:45 am. It is a truly sad day for the music world. Rest in peace, Godfather. Your influence will be felt for generations.

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Oi! To The World
Monday, December 25th, 2006

The Webmaster and I wish everyone in the Bowie fan-family a very merry Christmas. May the New Year bring everyone prosperity and live Bowie shows.

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Handling The Life-Sized Bowie Doll
Thursday, December 21st, 2006

My love of celebrity gossip blogs continues to be justified. recently featured a bit by Alan Baird reminiscing about his days working as a page with with Saturday Night Live back when it was actually funny and the sound system didn’t suck. He recounts a hilarious story of him and Bowie dragging the life-sized Bowie doll out of the studio, into the elevator, and then cramming it into a limousine in an effort to take it back to Bowie’s hotel. The full story is at the Gawker blog.

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The Duet That Almost Didn’t Happen
Thursday, December 21st, 2006

I’m sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you all that one of my favorite Christmas songs is “Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy.”  However, this morning I found out for the first time that it almost didn’t happen due to musical differences.  And I thought I knew the Bowie biography like the back of my hand.  Guess you learn something new every day.  The Washington Post has the entire scoop.  (After a few days you may have to sign in to view this article, but better you do that than me pay for the rights to republish.  Unless of course someone wants to be our benefactor.)  For those of you who have not ever seen the whole video, YouTube has it.

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Happy Birthday To Us!
Monday, December 18th, 2006

The Webmaster and I totally neglected to celebrate our first birthday! turned 1 year old on December 12.  Calm yourselves please, no wild parties on our behalf.

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A Different David Is Britain’s Greatest Living Icon
Monday, December 18th, 2006

The votes are in for the BBC Two’s Living Icons list. And. Bowie. Did. Not. Win! In fact, he was beat out in the top three by Sir David Attenborough, Paul McCartney, and Morrissey. Before this list came out, I only thought the world was mad. But then I saw that Morrissey beat Bowie out of the top three on a list voted on by Brits and then I knew the world was mad. Since I’m biased I can’t really say with any credibility that Bowie is justifiably the greatest living British icon, especially since he’s up against McCartney and Sir Attenborough (whose name I have heard but didn’t know was kind of a big deal), but in my never-humble opinion he beats Morrissey with a stick. However, I digress. Even though I know you don’t care who won since it wasn’t Bowie, I’ll tell you anyway. It was Sir Attenborough.

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Burlesque Bowie
Monday, December 18th, 2006

If the New York Post is to be taken at it’s word, Las Vegas club owner Ivan Kane was planning to open a burlesque club in partnership with Bowie and Sting until the tentative landlord pulled out of the deal. I would insert a witty comment here but my brain has short-circuited at the thought of Bowie funding a burlesque club. What would he call it? “Let’s Pole Dance”? “Burlesque Stardust”? Wait, no, I’ve got it – he would call it “Heaven’s In Here”! And of course all the dancers would have Bowie- or Sting-themed names, including “Roxanne” and “Jean Genie.”

Seriously, I wonder what a Bowie-funded burlesque club would be like. Surely it would have a red-and-blue lightning bolt painted somewhere. I just hope it’s open by the time the High Line Festival starts, because I have got to see it.

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More Shenanigans On The Venture Brothers
Monday, December 18th, 2006

My friends on the Torched board are too good to me. More fun with the Venture Brothers and the Thin White Duke. An animated, shape-shifting Bowie clocking an animated Iggy before stealing his shape…I may have to get a TiVo season pass for this show.

(Thanks Jose!)

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Another Charity Auction
Monday, December 18th, 2006

With all the hubbub about the Give Landmines The Boot auction, a tidbit about another auction got lost.  Peter Gabriel recently auctioned off an autographed keyboard to benefit his charity Witness.  The winning bid was $100,000.  Bowie, along with 43 other artists, signed a white key on the keyboard.  Witness is the charity that Gabriel co-founded to document human rights abuse in order to enact a change.

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Odds And Ends
Sunday, December 17th, 2006

While your Webmistress has been on vacation and indisposed due to a head cold, respectively, her friends have kept their sharp eyes peeled for obscure Bowie references on the web. The first one was brought to my attention by Saudade. Composer and actor Ryuichi Sakamoto, known to some of you as Captain Yonoi from Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, was interviewed by the Japan Times about his life in New York City and his environmental activism. He also managed to work in a reference to Bowie. So that you all don’t have to sign in to the Japan Times website, I’ve posted the pertinent text below. If you do wish to sign in, follow this link.

Along the way, Sakamoto has rubbed shoulders with many of the West’s rock and cultural glitterati, including David Bowie, with whom he shared a famous onscreen kiss in “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”
Who would you like to work with again?

David Sylvian (lead singer with ’80s hit band Japan) is like a brother — and like all brothers, sometimes we are very close and sometimes very far apart. It depends on the time. David Bowie, I like his stuff. My favorite Bowie period is [1977’s albums] “Low” and “Heroes.” We both live in the same city, but he is so protected; he doesn’t walk around the streets so much! I see Yoko Ono sometimes; we sometimes exchange aisatsu (greetings).

The second obscure Bowie reference was found by the lovely Flowerpot. It is a clip from the Adult Swim cartoon The Venture Brothers that features the lyrics from Space Oddity as dialogue between three characters. Enjoy!

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