The votes are in for the BBC Two’s Living Icons list. And. Bowie. Did. Not. Win! In fact, he was beat out in the top three by Sir David Attenborough, Paul McCartney, and Morrissey. Before this list came out, I only thought the world was mad. But then I saw that Morrissey beat Bowie out of the top three on a list voted on by Brits and then I knew the world was mad. Since I’m biased I can’t really say with any credibility that Bowie is justifiably the greatest living British icon, especially since he’s up against McCartney and Sir Attenborough (whose name I have heard but didn’t know was kind of a big deal), but in my never-humble opinion he beats Morrissey with a stick. However, I digress. Even though I know you don’t care who won since it wasn’t Bowie, I’ll tell you anyway. It was Sir Attenborough.

2 Responses to “A Different David Is Britain’s Greatest Living Icon”

  1. saudade Says:

    Awww, but it’s THE MOZ! I’ve never understood how you escaped Morrisseyism. He’s brill! I must make you a mix and bring you to the dark side.

    And I’d put 10 quid on Steven Patrick in a cage match with Ziggy. 😛

    But I am a little shocked too that Bowie wasn’t in the top three. I’d put Bowie in there before McCartney. Just because he was in the Beatles doesn’t make him worthy of representing all of Britain.

    Maybe Morrissey represents the doom and gloom, and tenacity to endure, of Britain a little better. In that case, where’s Shane McGowan?

  2. Webmistress Says:

    I’m biased against Morrissey because the first time I ever heard his name is was in conjunction with something snide he said about Bowie. Make me a Smiths mix though! I do love How Soon Is Now.

    And I’ll see your 10 quid and raise you 5! Ziggy’s got some fierce stack-heeled boots, yo.