Peter Haywood recently self-published his debut novel, Catch A Falling Star.  The novel tells of the life of Nicholas Walpole, a Bowie-obsessed young man growing up in Melbourne in the early 1980’s moves into a big, ramshackle share house in Lygon Street, Carlton with a bunch of musician friends, forms a band, and dreams of becoming a world famous rock’n’roll star. (Synopsis from  You can read the first ten pages at the book’s page at  Additionally, you may either download the book or do it the old-fashioned way and order the paperback.  One more item for my next-upcoming-holiday wishlist!

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  1. tigers on vaseline Says:

    Autumn 1983. A dilapidated share house in Melbourne,with five inches of thick, black dust on its’ springy,bare floorboards.Under the kitchen stairs, in a makeshift, the homes tenants, an odd assortment of inner-city wasters, and muso’s have gathered for the weekly Countdown ritual.Huddled amongst the bean bags, they’ve just seen David Bowie’s brand new video “Let’s Dance”, and heard him tell Molly Meldrum about his upcoming “Serious Moonlight” tour.Nicky Nova’s thoughts are spinning, and it’s not necessarily from the cones he’s just pulled. On the one hand, he’s excited about Bowie’s forthcoming album, and his first tour down under in five years.But he can’t shake the nagging feeling that his hero is abandoning his older fans for a new, mainstream audience. Or that his own band “The Warm Jets”,on which he’s pinned so much,is just not happening….