Found an Italian gaming site that listed a bunch of XBox 360 games which are due for release later this year and Omikron KARMA was on it. For those wondering what that has to do with Bowie, Omikron: The Nomad Soul was a 3D role-playing game developed by Quantic Dream back in 1999 to which Bowie contributed his voice, likeness, music and even “virtual concerts.” Much of the music on Hours… was created specifically for the game, too. As yet, it has not been stated whether or not Bowie will be involved in this sequel, but given that his personae was such a integral part of the first game, and given that the new game will incorporate the same kind of bleeding-edge technology that he tends to associate himself with, and given that he is too busy working on some unknown “ongoing project” to even rehearse and play at the High Line Festival, my speculation is that this will be the next big thing from Mr. Jones.

For more information on Omikron 2 check out I also highly recommend watching the high definition trailer for Heavy Rain (halfway down the linked page), another Quantic Dream game that is currently in production.

One Response to “Will Omikron KARMA Be the Next Big Thing from Bowie?”

  1. Webmistress Says:

    If the reason for Bowie backing out of the Highline Festival is indeed because he’s wrapped up in this game, then I hope the end result is well worth it. The first Omikron was fun but damn near impossible to play without some sort of guidance, so I hope that the second one is a bit easier to get through while still being challenging. And that it has features Bowie and his music as much as the first one did. There’s nothing quite like seeing Unicorn Gail Ann play bass in a go-go dancer cage. 😉