Daniel Johnston, one of the artists who has already confirmed that he is playing the High Line Festival after being personally selected by Bowie, is allegedly going to be doing his High Line set with Bowie according to Pitchfork. At the bottom of the article where his live dates are listed, there is a notation that he will be playing the High Line Festival on May 15-18 with David Bowie.

Given the lack of information from BowieNet, I’m going to take the article with a grain of salt but this is getting silly. The High Line Festival is only eleven weeks away and so far we are the only Bowie-related site reporting even the barest amount of information about this line-up. If David really is going to be playing a set with Daniel Johnston then he will be performing at the High Line Festival, despite reports from BowieNet. If he’s not actually playing the High Line Festival then BowieNet needs to get on the ball and start announcing something to the general public. I’m still very skeptical that the High Line Festival is going to even happen due to the fact that construction is not even slated to be finished until next year. However, if the Festival does come to fruition and David does play with Daniel Johnston then more power to them all. I hope for their sake that David’s brain-child sees the light of day this May. (Hey, that rhymes!)

One Response to “Is David Bowie Playing The High Line Festival, Or Isn’t He?”

  1. Webmistress Says:

    Duh, I originally had that the festival was only three weeks away when it’s actually eleven. I think I was going to originally say three months but then decided to be more specific and list the weeks…..and did that halfway. I’m going to fire my proof-reader. 😉