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A Star for the Mayor of Sunset Strip
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

A number of news services including the Washington Post picked up an Associated Press article on Friday about L.A. rock D.J. Rodney Bingenheimer getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. David Bowie and a cavalcade of other performers are featured in the 2003 documentary about Bingenheimer, The Mayor of Sunset Strip. Bowie sent a statement to him which was read at the dedication ceremony, saying “You getting a star is the high point of the season. We are all delighted for you.”

Hey, I’m with you, that really isn’t terribly newsworthy as far as David Bowie is concerned, but what fascinated me more than anything is that the article reports Bowie sent his statement in the form of a telegram. Really? A telegram? Our favorite technophile is communicating information via telegram? Didn’t Western Union send its last telegram at the beginning of last year? Can you even send a telegram anymore that isn’t actually transmitted by email?

I decided to get my questions answered by Wikipedia, because if Wikipedia says it, you know that it’s true. As it turns out, you can still send telegrams through companies like International Telegram. Your message gets transmitted via cable to an office close to your destination. Then it gets printed out and hand-delivered. It’s faster than postal mail and, unlike emails and phone calls, they can be received anywhere — “from the busiest city to the tiniest remote village.” Then you get an email confirmation of the successful delivery. Not bad. It sounds like the thing to do if you have relatives in Somalia.

You can read more about the dedication ceremony for Rodney Bingenheimer on the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s website.

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Movie Wiki Is Complete!
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

No, I have not been putting off work…why do you ask?  Anyway, the movie wiki is now completed.  All movies have entries including a synopsis, brief cast list, and links to more information or reviews.  The section will be updated as new movies are announced, of course.

Now to finish the Artwork and Other sections of the wiki….

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David Bowie’s Last Ziggy Costume To Be Auctioned
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

On April 29, the Christie’s in London will be auctioning off one of David Bowie’s costumes that he wore during his final show as Ziggy Stardust. As of yet there are no pictures of exactly which costume will be auctioned (he wore more than one at that show), but fear not – your Webmistress never lets you down. When I find out which one it is, I’ll add it to this post. The costume is expected to sell for between $7800 and $11700. A nice sum, but a bit much for me to satisfy my curiosity about whether or not I wear his size.

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Gail Ann Touring with the Hollaback Girl (redux)
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Let it never be said that Gwen Stefani has no taste – at least musically.  She has asked both Gail Ann Dorsey and Zach Alford to join her for a second solo tour to promote her new solo album “The Sweet Escape.”  You can view the full article, again reported by the Poughkeepsie Journal, here.  If you wish to for see Gail Ann play a mean bass guitar on Gwen Stefani’s tour then visit her official tour page.

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Sign Our New Guestbook!
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

The Webmaster has posted a link to our brand-spankin’ new guestbook! We would love for all of our visitors to sign the guestbook and say hello. Be sure to tell us where you’re from, your name or pseudonym, and maybe a little about yourself, how you became a David Bowie fan, or just a witty remark or two.

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