Some of you may remember that we reported on a rumor that David Bowie and Sting were teaming up to open a burlesque club in Manhattan. No? Don’t remember? Here’s the link. According to the New York Observer and backed up by Gawker, the deal is back on now that Bowie, Sting, and Forty Deuce burlesque show owner Ivan Kane have found a bit of real estate. The trio are going to be taking over and revamping Little Charlie’s Clam House to transform it onto a burlesque performance space. The club is supposedly opening in fall of this year. Like I commented in my previous post on this subject, if this is indeed true then, man, have I got to see it. And if it’s not true, then I will continue to amuse myself by giggling at Bowie-themed burlesque dancer names – I think Ramona A. Stone would be a good one for a PVC-clad dancer.

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