BowieNet has two more brief reviews from David Bowie on the High Line Festival acts. In his first review, he very briefly talks about Air’s show from Friday night. In his second review, he gives readers an insight into the feel of TV on the Radio’s show by giving not only his own feelings but also David Sitek’s notes from the setlist. Awesome. I always love to know how a band feels about their own setlist, like assigning a method to madness. Though David’s review is brief, it reminds me how exhilarating TVOTR is live. Check out the pictures accompanying David’s review as well. I dig that silvery gray suit.

I know these reviews from David are brief, so for those of you who are like me and must have an accurate mental picture of the show here are some more links. Cafe Eclectica Music has a great review of all acts from Friday night.  #comments is also featuring their own review of Air’s set and opening act, as is disconap.

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