David Bowie The Actor is back on the big screen with a small role in the latest Josh Hartnett vehicle, “August.” David plays the part of a CEO of a dotcom corporation and amazingly managed to film his part earlier this week during what I’m sure was an insane High Line Festival schedule. That might explain why he was unable to perform like he originally said he was going to. But I digress. The movie, set in August 2001, is centered around two brothers that are working to keep their own dotcom company from going under.

According to IMDB, Austin Chick is directing and Howard A. Rodman wrote the screenplay. Neither of those two have been involved with any movies that I’ve seen, so I can’t make any pre-judgement. Damn – and I so love to do that. However, it also stars Rip Torn, who starred in The Man Who Fell To Earth alongside David, so that’s a bit of awesome. The movie is due out in 2009. We’ll keep the Movies section of the Wiki updated.

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