The Houston-based theater group Frenticore will be presenting their production “Outside” at the Frenetic Theater in Houston on May 25-June 23, 2007.  The show is based on, of course, David Bowie’s 1.Outside album.  Frenticore will tell the story through video created by Robert Thoth, dance choreographed by Rebekah French and Ashley Horn, and music composed by Two Star Symphony.  With a group that describes itself as a “brave little Houston-based dance/theater group dedicated to giving the masses the kind of dance they’ve demanded for so long…dance that tells happy stories of demons, gun-toting preachers, jazz-handed fascists, and imaginary eight-foot tall baby seals”, the show is bound to be brilliant.  1.Outside is not just my favorite David Bowie album, but my favorite album of all time so I am excited at the prospect of an unconventional troupe of performers bringing the album to life.  For more information, read the article on Theatreport or visit Frenticore’s MySpace page.

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