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High Line Festival Updates
Monday, May 7th, 2007

There have been a few updates on the High Line Festival and its schedule over the past few days. Since the Webmaster and I just got back from being away on a weekend holiday, I’ll just give you the brief run-down.

This first one may be a little late in coming for those of you who still don’t have your High Line Festival tickets yet. The New York Post reports that most of the headline acts for the High Line Festival are sold out. Don’t let that discourage you if you still want to go and just haven’t had the cash for tickets. There are bound to be some showing up on eBay or other lesser-known ticket outlets.

Speaking of buying tickets, you’ll probably want to know the schedule. Both AM New York and the Nightlife & Music section of the New York Times have the latest schedules and pricing for the High Line Festival, as does the Times & Tickets section of the official High Line Festival website.

And that brings us up to today. The Independent published an excellent interview with the producers of the festival, David Binder and Josh Wood. Binder was inspired to create his own festival by the European art circuit, the Meltdown Festival, and London International Festival of Theatre, Lift . He also knew that David Bowie had experience curating the Meltdown Festival so two years ago he approached Bowie about the idea through a letter. Binder then had the idea of tying the festival to an area of Manhattan to give it staying power. The Friends of the High Line were embarking on their quest to save the High Line, so Binder and Wood, fascinated by the idea of a city park 3 stories above the ground, decided to associate their festival with the new High Line project.

Today’s Arts Section of the New York Times features another interview regarding the High Line Festival, this one with David Bowie himself. He amusingly quips, “I love that word ‘curate,’…One of the definitions is someone who oversees a zoo.” Despite criticism about his choices of artists for the festival, David sticks by the line-up he created, saying “The point of the festival…is not to dig out as many obscure and unknown acts as possible. It’s to put on what I would go and see. There are certain artists you just never miss; when they come into town you go and see them. That’s how I treat virtually all of the people that are on this.” Interestingly, David also comments that he has no feelings about the High Line and that he had not even been on it. (The tenuous connection between the festival and the actual park apparently continue.)

So there you have it, your one-stop shopping for the High Line news over the past few days. Only two days to go until the festival gets under way!

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Time Out New York Interviews Bowie
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Time Out MagazineDavid Bowie is the cover story for this week’s Time Out New York magazine. He, Laurie Anderson and Ricky Gervais were each interviewed about the Highline Festival. Some of his interview, which covers his film selections for the Highline Festival, was truncated for the printed magazine, so he had the complete interview posted on BowieNet today. Blam also included a JPG of the new portrait of David which appears on the cover.

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Bowie and Bono Turn Out to Honor Lou Reed
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Last Thursday Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed was awarded the George Arents Pioneer Medal, Syracuse University’s highest alumni award. The award was presented to him during a special event at the W Hotel Union Square in New York City. Lou’s Arents Award was for “Excellence in the Arts” as he is not only known for his influential music career, but also for his work as a writer and photographer.

The Starpulse News Blog reported that David Bowie and Bono were both in the crowd honoring Lou at the event, and added their voices to a “Lou” chant when he was handed the award. Lou was also named in a new scholarship to help creative writing undergraduates, but he quipped, “Everyone knows you can’t do anything with an English degree.” Read more on the Syracuse University News website.

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Is David Bowie Really Going To Send Music Into the Final Frontier?
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

This one is a head-scratcher for me too. This week the Webmaster and I came across two stories about Michael C. Luckman‘s Signals to Space Concerts. Luckman plans to hold music festivals in Tokyo, Berlin, New York, China, Russia, Mexico and London and beam the music out into space for extraterrestrial beings to hear. The goal is to make peaceful contact, Voyager 1 and 2-style. No dates, venues, or line-up for the concerts have been determined but Luckman is hoping to sign David Bowie as a headliner along with Sir Paul McCartney, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson (!?), and Aerosmith.

I’m not sure the point of this concert series. According to Luckman, he and the producer are going to send the music to “targets in our solar systems[sic], including Mars and the moon.” The last time I checked there was not life on Mars (groan groan, I know, horrible pun) nor was there life on the moon. Furthermore, every radio signal that is sent to any receiver on Earth eventually makes it’s way out of the atmosphere and into space. So any extraterrestrial life that is tuning in to our frequencies will already know what we listen to and how much boy bands and poptarts suck. Not to mention that the Voyager satellites already have sound files containing not just music but also general sounds that a person living on Earth might experience in their lifetime. This concert series idea sounds like Luckman is just trying to promote his book that he published two years ago and is trying to enlist all of the living artists he mentioned on it’s pages to help him do so.

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David Bowie to Receive Webby Lifetime Achievement Award
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

According to PRWeb, David Bowie will be honored at the 11th Annual Webby Awards which will be held on June 5th in New York City. He will receive their Lifetime Achievement Award “for a career that has pushed the boundaries of art and technology.” The Webby Awards were established in 1996 and are considered to be the leading international awards ceremony to honor excellence on the Internet. Congratulations, Sailor!

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