The designers on the new show “Project Runway Canada” will be in for a treat – Iman will be hosting the show! After appearing on the American version of Project Runway and making it one of the highest-rated episodes of the series, the producers of the Canadian version asked her to host their show. In an interview with CNW Telbec, Iman said, “I love every aspect of fashion and have been fortunate enough to work with the best in our business including Mr. Saint Laurent, Mr. Valentino, Mr. Versace, and Mr. Lagerfeld. Fashion is truly an art form and on Project Runway Canada we hope to showcase tomorrow’s international fashion visionaries. Let the stitching begin!” You can read three great interviews with Iman at, CNW Telbec, and

The show is set to shoot from mid-June to mid-July and air on Slice. I hope that my satellite TV provider gets the Slice channel. If not, then I must have it. I must see this show because, frankly, if a fashion gets Iman’s stamp of approval then I will probably wear it. Oh, and one piece of advice for the Canadian designers – listen to Iman!

One Response to “Iman will host “Project Runway Canada””

  1. saudade Says:

    god I love Project Runway. I coincide my gym visits to watch it on their tvs. I never saw Iman’s guest appearance though! And boo that my gym doesn’t get the Slice channel.

    I love Iman too — her style has always been classic.