Musician David J, the sometime bassist and vocalist for Bauhaus and Love & Rockets, posted an interview from Popular 1 Magazine on his site today in which he recounts an amusing anecdote about the time he spent on the set of “The Hunger”. After spending a day and night filming the disco scene, he had the opportunity to hang out a bit with Bowie right outside of Bowie’s dressing room. Near his dressing room there was a classic style jukebox and the two of them spent a little time choosing some music to listen to. Bowie put on the song “Groovin’ with Mr. Bloe” by Mr. Bloe and started dancing along. David (J, not Bowie) noticed that the song sounded a lot like A New Career In A New Town and mentioned his observation to Bowie. Bowie’s response? He put his finger to his lips, as if to swear the younger David to secrecy, and just kept on dancing.

Follow the interview link above for David J’s exact anecdote and, for the curious, the rest of the interview.

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