At the June 5 ceremony for the 11th Annual Webby Awards, David Bowie received an award for Lifetime Achievement.  David received the award for his digital and technological innovations.  His most well know accomplishments include his official site and ISP BowieNet (the first ever musician-related internet service provider), his digital media company UltraStar, his site BowieArt, contests for fans to mash up or write lyrics for his songs, and paving the way for internet-only song releases.

Since award winners are limited to five-word acceptance speeches (an award ceremony tradition in the spirit of the 24/7 Speeches at the Ig Nobel Awards), Bowie had to keep it short, sweet, and of course dryly witty.  Being Bowie however, he was able to get away with technically using more than five words: “I only get five words?” Bowie asked. He continued: “Shit, that was five. Four more there. That’s three.  Two…” and then exited the stage.  Of the 145 organizations and people that also received awards, one was unabashedly a fan of Bowie’s.  The founders of, who won the award for Social Networking in the Connections category, succinctly stated, “I’m just here for Bowie.”

For more reading on the awards visit Metro UK, New York Magazine, and BowieNet for the text of the introduction for Bowie and his award.

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