Apparently Lindsay Lohan has completed her 12th step and Paris Hilton has joined a convent, because Iman’s feet were worth discussing on last month. With a close up of Iman’s feet in heels from the 2007 Can-Do Awards, blogger Angel wrote:

Those dogs above need more than a deep-soak, they need help. I guess all those years on the runway take a toll on the feet. Guess who?! YES, THIS IS AN ACTUAL SHOT OF HER FEET. NO ONE IS MESSING AROUND IN PHOTOSHOP!

Real classy. Normally I would say that gossip this lame isn’t worth repeating, but Iman responded to the insult on her MySpace page by posting a picture of herself and David at the Met’s Annual Costume Institute Gala, writing:

We attended the Met’s Annual Costume institute Gala and i have to say it was amazing … i knew everyone would have a dress on so i decided to wear a suit and david loved it, also decided to cover my feet up as Concreteloop would post up how ugly my feet are (Yes Angela i read your Blogg)

Then Angel, acknowledging her own insignificance, posted a new blog entry titled WOW! IMAN READS CONCRETELOOP! Read this excerpt from her entry, you can actually feel her cowering beneath Iman’s shadow:

After finding out that the legendary Iman is a frequent reader of Concreteloop, I actually feel really bad for clowning her dogs earlier this week. But come on Iman, we had to keep it real! Hilarious! She is such a good sport. And she kept it classy at the gala, those shoes that she rocked were fierce.

I love that Iman got the blogger’s name wrong, too, calling her Angela instead of Angel. If that doesn’t make you feel forgetable.

Maybe this is just the nature of gossip, and we shouldn’t expect anything different, but I really think celebrity gossip has its place. When a star gets drunk, wraps their car around a tree and disrespects their entire family, I think they deserve the embarrassment of the gossip columns telling all. But what did Iman do to deserve this unpleasantry? Wear shoes? How is that ‘keeping it real?’ I think a nice close up of Angel’s own disfigured pedals would be keeping it real.

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