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Alas, David Bowie Will Not Be Appearing in ‘Doctor Who’
Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Every Friday night I turn into a squeeing eight-year-old girl when ‘Doctor Who‘ comes on the SciFi channel. Nothing is allowed to distract me lest I turn into a very unhappy eight-year-old girl. So imagine my excitement when I saw a news item in ‘The Sun’ claiming that Bowie would be appearing in an episode of ‘Doctor Who’ as Agatha Christie’s abductor. Then imagine my disappointment when I read on Bowienet that Bowie proclaimed the announcement as “absolute tish and tosh.” Boo! How cool would that have been?! Bowie would have been perfect as an otherwordly kidnapper matching wits with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Bowie played that part. NB: Be sure to click on the link to ‘The Sun’ to see an amusing photo collage of David Bowie peering out of the Dalek Supreme casing.

[Brief Update] Dammit, I missed out on making a horrible tin machine pun! I am losing my touch.

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Update on Soundtrack to Ian Curtis Biopic ‘Control’
Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

As we reported this time last year, David Bowie and several other glam rockers will be featured on the soundtrack of ‘Control’, the upcoming biopic of the life and death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis.  Both of Bowie’s songs will be featured in the movie itself.  Among the artists featured on the soundtrack are Iggy Pop, Roxy Music, New Order, and, of course, Joy Division.  New Order fans will be excited to hear that there are three new New Order instrumentals on the soundtrack – ‘Exit’, ‘Hynopsis’, and ‘Get Out.’  The soundtrack is due out on October 1, 2007 with the films release following four days later on October5, 2007.

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Let’s Dance the World Over
Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Indian singer Sona Mohapatra recently worked with Nile Rodgers on cutting a new version of Let’s Dance. The first reports are unclear if she worked directly with David Bowie in the studio or if she’s singing along to his existing vocal tracks. On the sound of the reworked song, Sona says “they obviously wanted us to ‘Indianise’ things, but they were hoping to avoid the usual UK bhangra sound. We’ve given it a real special ‘desi’ spin.” The track will be released on a compilation album with other Bowie dance tracks. It may also be used in a Hindi film.

Dutch group Hi_Tack are also getting some attention on the international club charts with their own cover of Let’s Dance. It’s due out later this month with some additional mixes of by Peter Gelderblom, Quentin Rodriguez and Dennis Christopher, if you know who they are. It’s available for a listen over on their MySpace page.

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New Jareth Action Figure
Sunday, August 26th, 2007

The new Jareth action figure looks to be made for the segment of David Bowie’s fan base that is attracted to men. I present to you Exhibit A:

Really. Check out the package. This toy must be made to attract the male-loving David Bowie fans. Can there be any other reason why a toy maker would put Bowie’s Area so prominently on display? Well, unless the toy maker has a vested interest in the Labyrinth fanfic sites. Too bad they screwed up the hair. If the figure had the trademark fluffy hair instead of those awful dreadlocks I may have become the proud owner of a new Jareth action figure. Ahem.

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Bowie’s Old Manager Writes Autobiography
Sunday, August 12th, 2007

David Bowie’s notorious old manager, Tony Defries, will be releasing a “tell-all” autobiography next year to be titled Gods and Gangsters. This comes after some 40 years of media silence in which Defries has never been interviewed. Defries is best known for launching the careers of Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Mott the Hoople, Luther Vandross and John Mellencamp. He’s also known for taking more than his share of the artists’ proceeds. Parasitic as it might be, the book should have some interesting stories. Read the official self-aggrandizing press release on

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Neal Preston Photo Essay
Sunday, August 12th, 2007 is running a brilliant photo essay by rock photographer Neal Preston, who has photographed David Bowie on several occasions. The photo that Preston chose to share a memory about is from the 1976 Station to Station Tour at the Los Angeles show. Among the 19 other photos are John Lee Hooker, Freddie Mercury, the Rat Pack, and Sid Vicious. To read the full essay and Preston’s memories of each photo, visit PhotoSynthesis on

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