Indian singer Sona Mohapatra recently worked with Nile Rodgers on cutting a new version of Let’s Dance. The first reports are unclear if she worked directly with David Bowie in the studio or if she’s singing along to his existing vocal tracks. On the sound of the reworked song, Sona says “they obviously wanted us to ‘Indianise’ things, but they were hoping to avoid the usual UK bhangra sound. We’ve given it a real special ‘desi’ spin.” The track will be released on a compilation album with other Bowie dance tracks. It may also be used in a Hindi film.

Dutch group Hi_Tack are also getting some attention on the international club charts with their own cover of Let’s Dance. It’s due out later this month with some additional mixes of by Peter Gelderblom, Quentin Rodriguez and Dennis Christopher, if you know who they are. It’s available for a listen over on their MySpace page.

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