Every Friday night I turn into a squeeing eight-year-old girl when ‘Doctor Who‘ comes on the SciFi channel. Nothing is allowed to distract me lest I turn into a very unhappy eight-year-old girl. So imagine my excitement when I saw a news item in ‘The Sun’ claiming that Bowie would be appearing in an episode of ‘Doctor Who’ as Agatha Christie’s abductor. Then imagine my disappointment when I read on Bowienet that Bowie proclaimed the announcement as “absolute tish and tosh.” Boo! How cool would that have been?! Bowie would have been perfect as an otherwordly kidnapper matching wits with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Bowie played that part. NB: Be sure to click on the link to ‘The Sun’ to see an amusing photo collage of David Bowie peering out of the Dalek Supreme casing.

[Brief Update] Dammit, I missed out on making a horrible tin machine pun! I am losing my touch.

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