Has anyone noticed the lack of mention on this blog of the newest Bowie box set?  You have?  That’s awesome.  Because I’m pointedly ignoring it.  I love Bowie and his music.  The Webmaster loves Bowie and his music.  Everyone who frequents this site loves Bowie and his music.  And box sets are great for new fans who have a hard time finding singles and limited editions and such.  But for the seasoned fans these box sets are the musical equivalent of school cafeteria Meat Pie Surprise – yesterday’s leftovers repackaged and sold the next day.  Dammit, enough with the box sets.  He’s richer than friggin’ Croesus already.  He doesn’t need to release any more box sets unless he’s using them to finance a brilliant new album that sheep-like critics will pan and his fans will love.  So how ’bout it?  Let’s have some new stuff!!

Oh yeah, and happy Halloween!  Be safe out there, Bowie Boys and Bowie Girls.

5 Responses to “Tough Love”

  1. howiecopywriter Says:

    I love the old Bowie stuff. I guess I’m a rebel, rebel. Here is my spoof of it http://www.realcrash.com/new-york-city-glamrock-bowie/.. Love that glam rock.

  2. saudade Says:

    Box sets of already released material at this point in a career are LAME, and may I also add, LAZY. I also hate box sets with one unreleased song or outtake as a hook. That’s so cheap. All that makes me want to do is download it. When you’re a legend AND have more money than god, either retire and do one-offs or make something new and edgy and possibly brilliant to add to your legacy.

    If you’re a legend and have no money, well then I can forgive box sets such as these. And I can really respect the less moneyed legends like David J of Bauhaus because of his tentative plans for a box set of all UNRELEASED material.

    So anyway, good on you guys to post the requisite blurb about the box set, but then leave out any sycophantic sighing like so many other fans of legendary musicians, and really just cut to the chase. This is why I frequent this site! Kudos.

  3. Webmistress Says:

    The Webmaster and I love the old Bowie stuff as well, but the latest box set includes stuff that was already released in a box set! We own the previous box set that includes Outside, Earthling, and Hours, not to mention all the new re-issues of the old albums, (and all of Bowie’s original old stuff…just to make sure I make this sentence a complete run-on) but releasing box sets just for the sake of producing something new to own is just silly. A box set of previously unreleased material like Saudade mentioned would be cool, but that’s not what this is. Heck, I’m not even sure if he’s got any unreleased material that we fans haven’t gotten out hot little hands on. Unless you count the hours of unreleased recording from the Outside sessions.


    Nice spoof, Howie. Made me giggle and quit being pissed off at Bowie. I hate being pissed at Bowie. He needs to make it up to me and the Webmaster by releasing the aforementioned Outside recording sessions. The ones we don’t already have.

  4. station2station Says:

    As a Bowie fan for over 30 years I am truly disgusted with the onslaught of collections, greats hits, etc., that Bowie has been putting out since the RYKO releases. Enough already. Expanded box sets aren’t cutting it either. It’s almost like Frank Sinatra’s family is running his catalogue. Enough already. I’m not even looking forward anymore anniversary issues after the recent Young Americans release. How many time can you buy the same album? I lived during the lp, 8 track, and cassette years. Now you can get some of these titles on CD’s on 3 or 4 different labels.

  5. kaufbelig Says:

    Is it true Bowie put his musical catalogue up as a hedge fund?