With a voice that sounded like Dr. Frank N Furter’s eccentric great-uncle, David Bowie made his cartoon voice-acting debut to the tune of nine million viewers. The sizeable audience made Atlantis SquarePantis, SpongeBob’s first TV movie, the top-rated cable program of the evening. Bowie’s character, Lord Royal Highness (or L.R.H. to his friends) was one of the funniest cartoon characters the Webmaster and I have ever seen. Not just saying that because I’m a hopeless Bowie fangirl either. Bowie really did an excellent job with the voice of Lord Royal Highness, the red-booted, shiny-lipped King of Atlantis. Several times throughout the episode the Webmaster and I rolled on the couch in laughter like a couple of six-year-old kids. My only wish is that in the Behind the Pantis: How We Made Atlantis SquarePantis the SpongeBob producers had included some footage of Bowie doing the voice for Lord Royal Highness. The prancing, gesturing, and cracking up into laughter would have been a sight to behold.

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