I’m a Bowie freak. And a sci-fi geek. So what is the next best thing to having David Bowie direct (or star in) a sci-fi movie? Having his son direct it! It’s doubtful that he’ll be credited as Zowie Bowie but nevertheless Duncan Jones is directing Moon. Due out in 2009, Moon tells the story of an astronaut stranded on the moon for three years and stars Sam Rockwell as the marooned astronaut. After Rockwell’s performance as Charley Ford in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, I am really looking forward to this movie. Okay, and Rockwell’s skills aside I’m also dying to see the directorial debut of Bowie’s son…..and whether or not the main character will be named Major Tom.  What is it with the Bowie/Jones family’s fixation on abandoned space travelers, anyway?

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