This weekend the Amherst Ballet will be performing it’s seasonal show “Dance Diversity: A Collage of Works.”  The third part of the performance is a piece choreographed and performed to “Space Oddity.”  University of Massachusetts faculty member Jenny Bennett-Mansur choreographed the work and showcased it at Northampton’s First Night.  The dance s described as a “very unique contemporary piece” by Ethan Schweitzer-Gaslin, one of the dancers who will be performing it.  Man, I’d lvoe to see some video of the performance.  Maybe some proud parent will record it and stick it on YouTube.

One Response to “Bowie At The Ballet”

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    My sister and I have absorbed a lot of ballet, and I get the Twyla Tharp-rock ‘n’ roll thing. It could work, doctor, but truly, the blood runs cold.