God bless The Jim Henson Company.  They’ve just released Labyrinth for download on iTunes.  Boys and girls, if you’ve not already got a copy of Labyrinth then now is the time to buy it.  Don’t let another night go by where you have not experienced the awesomeness of Labyrinth.  Oh yeah, the Dark Crystal is also available for download.  I’ve actually never seen that one.  Guess it’s about time.

2 Responses to “Download Labyrinth”

  1. Ms. Bowie Likes Cheez Says:

    As Labyrinth was the start of my fandom, I proclaim that total awesomeness! I have got to check that out. By the way, in case you didn’t know, there is a graphic novel sequel to Labyrinth that is being published by TokyoPop. I currently own the first two volumes. I’m not thrilled with the artwork (Jareth doesn’t look even a little like Bowie!), but the story is great, and has the same heart as the movie.

  2. Latetotheshow Says:

    The ideal chaser, of course, is the “Bowie” episode of “Flight Of The Conchords.” Season 1 is out on DVD for the HBO-deprived.
    Jemaine Clement appears as Bowie in three dream sequences in which he give Bret MacKenzie (the other half of the duo) dubious advice for dealing with his “body issues.” He’s dressed as Jareth in the last one, which is followed by the parody video “Bowie’s In Space.” It’s a funny show anyway but this episode is a scream.