Late last month the Webmaster reported to you The Last Shadow Puppets‘ cover of In The Heat of The Morning. It seems that Bowie is a fan of the cover. When the BowieNet webmaster asked him for a comment he exclaimed, “That’s a delight! How lovely. A daymaker.”  I imagine The Last Shadow Puppets must be brimming with pride at receiving Bowie’s stampo of approval.  There could be no higher compliment.

Speaking of compliments, the next cover comes from someone who has been short on complimentary things to say about Bowie.   Morrissey recorded a cover of Drive-In Saturday as a b-side to his upcoming single All You Need Is Me.  The single is due out on May 19.  I’ve never been a fan of Morrissey’s work and I like exactly one song by The Smiths, but I have to admit I want to hear his version of Drive-In Saturday.  He’s got an interesting voice so at the very least it will be an interesting cover.

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