Take this for what it’s worth, but two rumors have popped up on the net over the past few days that David Bowie is bound for Colorado. The first was in last Saturday’s Denver Post, suggesting that he might join the lineup of the Tent State Music Festival. Planned to coincide with the Democratic National Convention in Denver later this month, the aim of the fest is send a message to the Dems to end the war. The organizers have only promised a “rock legend,” though, not a “rock god.”

Then another story showed up on Examiner.com yesterday with a rumor about Bowie showing up at the DNC itself. Really? That just doesn’t sound like his kind of gig to me. There have been so many false rumors purporting his involvement this year, I don’t see it happening. But as a longtime fan of Bowie’s, I’m very ready for him to do something unpredictable.

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