Yes, you read that headline right. Apparently, Andrew Bain, an NHS dentist in Britain, is due to launch an album of covers of some of his favorite songs. Besides David Bowie, Bain will cover Bryan Adams and ABBA with his own style of opera blended with pop. Bain was originally offered a recording contract based on his demo tape of his cover of Purple Rain. Unfortunately, Prince was not amused by the pop-opera cover because he put his foot down and would not give Bain permission to include Purple Rain on his album.

Everyone who reads this site regularly probably knows how the Webmaster and I feel about covers of Bowie songs – they are mostly useless but occasionally inspired. Honestly, I don’t see how an operatic cover of a Bowie song by a singing dentist could be any less than four kinds of awesome. I hope that this news item is actually true because I am REALLY looking forward to hearing this.

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