This week Criterion finally released it’s first set of blu-ray discs, which included The Man Who Fell To Earth.  The L.A. Times has given it a good review, commenting that the special features including a commentary, interviews, and documentary make it worth the money.  And assuming that it is the uncensored version, it would also feature full frontal nudity from David Bowie in hi-def.  (How’s that for some remarks you won’t read on BowieNet?)  Anyway, since the Webmaster and I don’t own a blu-ray player and probably won’t for some time, anyone who owns this new version is free to share their thoughts in the comments section.

One Response to “The Man Who Fell To Earth Released on Blu-Ray”

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    Nic Roeg says some very interesting things about that nude scene in the commentary track…mostly about how unsexy the actors look. I believe he was making a point about American decadence – it’s also where he starts messing with the viewer’s perception of the reality of the story. However, one appreciates the extended glimpse of Little David, even in that horrid blue light.