A British think-tank, the New Local Government Network, recently released a report encouraging local British governments to name streets and local landmarks after hometown celebrities and heroes.  The author of the report, James Hulme, suggests that Manchester could name a park after David Beckham, Edinburgh could name a library after J.K. Rowling, Birmingham could name streets after J.R.R. Tolkien and Corporal Matthew Croucher, and that London could name streets after David Bowie and Twiggy!  There could be debate over whether this is another example of the crazy celebrity culture in Britain (something Americans know a thing or two about), but in Hulme’s view to name streets after local and national celebrities is simply another way to foster community pride.  Local Government Minister John Healey, MP is a supporter of the report, stating that besides naming streets after well-known celebrities local heroes could be honored as well.

Obviously, what I am most interested in is the possibility of a street named after David Bowie.  Of course I think it’s a great idea, but the bigger question is…what exactly should the name be?  I think David Bowie Lane as the name for a neighborhood street has a nice ring.  Or possibly David Bowie Boulevard for a larger thoroughfare.  I wonder what the man himself thinks about the possibility of a street in his honor.

3 Responses to “Will There Ever Really be a David Bowie Lane?”

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    In Los Angeles a few years back, someone on the City Council got the bright idea of naming commemorative “squares” after distinguished people (there’s one for Billy Wilder, one for Raoul Wallenberg, a few more that I’m blanking on). Trouble is, they’re not squares in the European sense of an expanse with a fountain in the middle. They’re merely big intersections! Totally bogus! In my opinion if it doesn’t interfere with traffic, it’s not a proper square.
    However, I’d salute them giving David Bowie a “square” at Sunset and Vine, come to think of it, but what makes me think they’re not quite bright enough for that?
    Next question, if you were going to name a street for Mr. Bowie, where should it be? It also strikes me that it might be like the knighthood he refused…would he refuse to drive down it?

  2. Webmistress Says:

    Big intersections called squares are about as lame as a screen door in a submarine. Trafalgar Square, now that’s what I would call a “square”!

    I think the perfect place for a street named after Bowie would be either near Piccadilly Circus, because, well, have you seen the people there? Perfect. Either that or somewhere in Bromley.

  3. Latetotheshow Says:

    I totally agree re. the definition of a square (or for that matter, the width of a circle). The Sunset/Vine intersection may have been already awarded to (wait for it…) Andrei Sakharov. My tax dollars at work.

    It may be all roundabouts in the suburbs, though. They’re occasionally terrifying…that would work.