Frequently lists of this type are pretty meaningless.  They are usually a compilation of the opinions of magazine or website staffers with maybe a few credible industry insiders and their input.  Zimbio’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in Fashion is another such list, but at least it’s fun to contemplate and it hasn’t been done a million times before.  David Bowie is listed as number 5 on this list of designers, musicians, actors, athletes, and photographers who comprise the list.  The full entry under his name is an interesting read.  Unlike most brief biographies of Bowie, it stays away from using the hackneyed term “chameleon” to describe his many stylistic changes over the course of his career.  The author differentiates between Bowie and other fashionistos who have attempted to glide from one style to another by pointing out that Bowie is “just as likely to wear an outfit to dinner that he’d wear on stage.”

3 Responses to “David Bowie in Top 5 on Zimbio’s 100 Most Influential People in Fashion”

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    It would be interesting to sit down to dinner next to Ziggy Stardust…perhaps in the Kabuki robe.

  2. Webmistress Says:

    I want to sit down with Twitchy Bowie from the Cracked Actor documentary. That would be hilariously awesome.

  3. Latetotheshow Says:

    I haven’t seen it, but I suspect many of the impersonations stem from it. I’ll scour Amazon for it.

    After several years of dithering over it, I finally pulled the trigger and bought an iPhone. So I can make fun of two things at once, its iTunes name has to be Bow-E.