So, the latest on the rumor that David Bowie is back in Berlin to record a new album is an official shrug of the shoulders from his record label.  Today they told Gigwise that they can neither confirm nor deny the rumor.  And that means…..?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Certainly not that he is indeed in a Berlin studio.  All it means is that his record label doesn’t keep tabs on what he does every day.  Nevertheless, the rumor is still spreading like like the Norovirus through a cruise ship.

One Response to “Latest on the “David Bowie in Berlin” Rumor”

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    I have information that he lays down tracks in a casual way (a friend of a friend of a friend is a session musician who recorded a guitar track for one “Mr. Jones”). Whether it will ultimately amount to anything is anyone’s guess, but Mr. Jones seems to be keeping his hand in.