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War Child Heroes Tracklisting Released
Thursday, January 15th, 2009

The latest news on the upcoming album from War Child, Heroes, is that the tracklisting has been released.  Note that there are different listing for the UK and North America, with TV On The Radio’s cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” appearing at different places on the album.  I don’t suppose that will really mean much to anyone other than Bowie Completists who will naturally want to buy both versions.

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David Bowie iPhone Wallpapers Now Available
Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

In the gallery, some of you will be very pleased to find that we now have some David Bowie iPhone wallpapers for your enjoyment. To get all the legal stuff out of the way, none of these photos are mine and I take no credit for them. I simply sized and formatted them. As with everything on this site, they don’t cost a penny. For all you iPhone and iTouch users, setting the wallpaper is simple. Browse to the iPhone Wallpapers album in the Gallery and open the page for the photo you want as your wallpaper.  Once it loads, touch and hold the photo.  An option to Save Image will come up at the bottom of the screen – obviously you will want to save it.  This will download the photo into your Camera Roll.  Then just go to Settings, browse to the photo in your Camera Roll and set it as your wallpaper.  Or to do it from your computer, simply right click and save the photo you want to whatever folder you store your iPhone wallpapers on your computer, then select that folder under the Photos sync in iTunes.  Viola!  Your very own David Bowie wallpaper.  If you use any other touchscreen phone like the LG Dare or the Samsung touch screen, I don’t know how to do it on those phones since I don’t have one.  But feel free to let me know how to set wallpapers and I’ll be happy to post instructions.

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David Bowie Ruined the Economy and Kicks Babies
Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

In a UK Mirror story yesterday, BBC Economics Editor Evan Davies posed the question, “could David Bowie have caused the … credit crunch?” Let me answer that question with another question: Could Evan Davies have had his lunch money stolen from him in grade school by a bully wearing a David Bowie t-shirt?

Davies proposes that banks got the idea to sell mortgage backed securities from Bowie Bonds. For those needing a refresher, in 1997, David Bowie sold bonds which entitled their buyers to a share of the royalties Bowie would be earning on his back catalogue over a 10 year period. That allowed Bowie to immediately capitalize on those future profits.

Now, we who would devote our time to write about David Bowie on a regular basis will be the first to tell anyone willing to listen about how influential he has been on modern music, fashion, and gnomic humor. But the first hole that needs to be punched squarely into this flimsy argument is that Bowie Bonds were not David Bowie’s idea, but that of a banker named David Pullman. That’s why they are also known as Pullman Bonds. David Bowie may have been the first recording artist to take advantage of the idea, but others like James Brown and the Isley Brothers have followed suit.

The second hole, and get ready to drive the Patridge Family bus through this one, is that securitization was not a new idea in 1997. Securities were being bought and sold long before then. In fact, the government agency that ultimately became Fannie Mae was founded by Congress in 1938 to buy mortgages, group them and resell them as mortgage backed securities. What made Pullman Bonds innovative and unique was that they applied the concept of securitization to the sale of intellectual property rights for the first time. So I’m no “Economic Editor”, but I don’t think securitization was a fresh idea banks got from David Pullman, let alone David Bowie.

The third hole is the suggestion that the cause of the subprime mortgage crisis and subsequent credit crunch could be somehow attributed to single pop icon, rather than a fetid cornacopia of rotten economic systems which will be examined and debated about for years to come. Sure, I can understand the Mirror’s desire to  write a sensational, attention-grabbing headline how ever loosely based in reality it may be, but for someone who links to Wikipedia as much as Evan Davies does on his blog, Evanomics, is it too much to ask for the occassional fact check?

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Bill Hader as David Bowie
Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Last night Neil Patrick Harris hosted Saturday Night Live and completely owned every host in the past.  Even Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. There, I said it.  But more than that, in one sketch he portrayed David Frost grilling Other People….one of which included Bill Hader as David Bowie.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just happy someone thought to parody Aladdin Sane and reference Starman.  And I’m friggin’ tickled that it was Bill Hader.  But did it have to be so damn Bill Hader as Austin Powers as Aladdin Sane?  For God’s sake, SNL dredge up an old Ziggy Stardust video or two on YouTube!  The man who lived on broccoli and milk for a year and saw the Devil in his pool would not have given that interview.

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War Child Album Update!
Friday, January 9th, 2009

Not much to tell really, just another update to follow the progress of the upcoming War Child “Heroes” album that we’ve written about three times since we heard of it.  The new release day is February 16, 2009.  A tracklisting will be coming shortly.  Too bad it won’t make it out for Valentine’s Day – it would be a fitting gesture of love to buy a gift for your significant other that supports a worthy cause.

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Happy Birthday to David Bowie!
Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Today is the day that David Bowie, the main man of this blog, turns 62!  We here at CrackedActor wish Mr. Bowie a happy, healthy, productive, and prosperous year.

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References to David Bowie in the Upcoming Watchmen Movie
Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Alex McDowell, the production designer for the upcoming (hopefully sooner rather than later, if Fox doesn’t have their way and screw everything up) Watchmen movie gave a lecture at MIT before Thanksgiving and shared a few interesting tidbits about some set design for Watchmen.  Among other things that are only of interest to Watchmen geeks, McDowell shared some pictures of Dr. Manhattan’s apartment that feature nods to David Bowie and The Man Who Fell To Earth.  For instance, the table tennis room in the apartment was inspired by the same room in Thomas Jerome Newton’s house.  And on top of a table in another scene lays a copy of Masterpieces in Paint and Poetry, but with the production stamped Veidt Enterprises.

After reading this article, I’ve decided that I’m only an Alan Moore purist to a certain extent.  When it comes to giving a bit of character to places that aren’t fully developed, like Dr. Manhattan’s apartment, then I suppose I’m okay with it if the spirit of the story is kept.  And it includes Bowie refences that only the most rabid Bowie fans will spot.  But when it comes to entirely changing stories and characters, or adding new ones for that matter, like V For Steaming Pile….I mean, Vendetta or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen then I reserve a seething hatred that boils my blood whenever I think about it.  Like now.  **thoughts of upcoming Watchmen movie and nerdy Bowie nods** Ah, better.

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Will There Ever Really be a David Bowie Lane?
Friday, January 2nd, 2009

A British think-tank, the New Local Government Network, recently released a report encouraging local British governments to name streets and local landmarks after hometown celebrities and heroes.  The author of the report, James Hulme, suggests that Manchester could name a park after David Beckham, Edinburgh could name a library after J.K. Rowling, Birmingham could name streets after J.R.R. Tolkien and Corporal Matthew Croucher, and that London could name streets after David Bowie and Twiggy!  There could be debate over whether this is another example of the crazy celebrity culture in Britain (something Americans know a thing or two about), but in Hulme’s view to name streets after local and national celebrities is simply another way to foster community pride.  Local Government Minister John Healey, MP is a supporter of the report, stating that besides naming streets after well-known celebrities local heroes could be honored as well.

Obviously, what I am most interested in is the possibility of a street named after David Bowie.  Of course I think it’s a great idea, but the bigger question is…what exactly should the name be?  I think David Bowie Lane as the name for a neighborhood street has a nice ring.  Or possibly David Bowie Boulevard for a larger thoroughfare.  I wonder what the man himself thinks about the possibility of a street in his honor.

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