For all of the David Bowie fans that can’t leave the house without carrying around pictures of their musical hero (that would be me, I made my own Bowie wallpapers for my iPhone), there is now a Ziggy Stardust application for download on iTunes. The application features high-quality versions of Mick Rock’s famous pictures of Bowie in all his Ziggy Stardust glory. So, for just a few bucks you can whip out your iPhone and look at picture of Ziggy anytime you get the urge. I’ve got the application of page 2 of my iPhone. Oh yeeaaahhh.

One Response to “Ziggy Stardust Application on iTunes”

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    Lord, yes, we already have it, along with about 100 wallpapers. It might as well be his damn phone.