I know, I know, again with the covers. But I’m a sucker for the charity covers. The Helensburgh Heroes of Helensburgh, Scotland have recorded a Live Aid-style cover of “Heroes” to raise awareness of the importance of the arts in their community and raise money for a local arts center. The recording features a chorus of 70 fingers aged seventy to eighty years old and 12 lead vocalists, all of whom have volunteered their time for their worthy cause. Supporters, fans, and the generally curious that are unable to attend the live event can download a copy online starting August 1. Of course, we’ll feature a link for easy shopping.  The video is below:

One Response to “Helensburgh Heroes Record Cover of “Heroes””

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    Presumably, the people in the video are not the geezer chorus. Of course, in a few years Mr. Bowie himself could probably enroll. Nice effort, guys.