As is the case with David Bowie’s back catalog up to this point, Station to Station will get the make-over treatment sometime early in 2010.  Completists like us will own the following set: Disc 1 – original album, Disc 2 – 5.1 surround sound and original stereo DVD of original album, Discs 3 and 4 – Uniondale, Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum March 23rd, 1976 official bootleg.   As much as I bitch about all the re-releases and compilations it will be nice to have a good-quality recording of that Nassau Coliseum show.  In fact, that’s a pretty good thing to include in an album…..other than 15 new songs, that is.

2 Responses to “Station to Station to be Re-Released Next year”

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    I’m going to have to mount these speakers my husband bought just so I can listen properly. Since Mr. Bowie avows no knowledge of the making of this record, he may be hearing it for the first time, too.

  2. Motown1 Says:

    This is great news…would love to hear STS (especially the song) in 5.0 sound. Station to Station is one of the albums I go back to from him as the musicianship (bass and drums especially) are so strong.