The National Portrait Gallery in London will be displaying the exhibit Beatles to Bowie: the 60s Exposed until January 24 2010.  Over 100 photographs of icons from the 60s in London are used to explore how music and performance created the famous “swinging 60s”.  Musicians and performers shown include The Beatles (of course), David Bowie (of course), The Who, The Rolling Stones, and The Kinks.  Superfans of the groups included in the exhibit will no doubt be interested in the number of previously unseen pictures included in the exhibition.  Those interested in booking a ticket to see the exhibition can do so here.  As the Webmaster and I won’t be able to make it across the pond to see the exhibition, any of our readers that are so lucky should enjoy it doubly for us!

One Response to “Beatles to Bowie: the 60s Exposed Exhibit Now Open in London”

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    Mr. Bowie just makes it into the Sixties, but I’m sure he adds richness to the exhibit. To duplicate the experience you might want to catch the movie “Pirate Radio”, which has a similar mix of music (including an anachronistic but welcome ‘Let’s Dance’).