This is too cute.  The blog Letters of Note came across a treasure from 42 years ago – the response to the first fan letter that David Bowie received from an American fan.  Bowie got a letter from 14-year-old Sandra Adams (now Dodd) of New Mexico when he was 20 years old and wrote his response from his manager Ken Pitt’s office typewriter.  The picture from Sandra’s website is below.  Note his typo!  It’s strange to think back in the days before computers that if you made a typo you could either rewrite the entire document or just live with it and move on.  I like Bowie’s choice – to poke fun at himself.


One Response to “David Bowie’s First Fan Letter from America”

  1. Latetotheshow Says:

    Isn’t he cute? And his signature is so legible, with the little star…I’m glad he stopped being that sincere.

    That typo thing is why I switched to computers and never looked back…I still wish my pencil had an Undo button.