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Movie Wiki Is Complete!
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

No, I have not been putting off work…why do you ask?  Anyway, the movie wiki is now completed.  All movies have entries including a synopsis, brief cast list, and links to more information or reviews.  The section will be updated as new movies are announced, of course.

Now to finish the Artwork and Other sections of the wiki….

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Sign Our New Guestbook!
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

The Webmaster has posted a link to our brand-spankin’ new guestbook! We would love for all of our visitors to sign the guestbook and say hello. Be sure to tell us where you’re from, your name or pseudonym, and maybe a little about yourself, how you became a David Bowie fan, or just a witty remark or two.

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Song Wiki Is Complete!
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Woo-hoo! I finally managed to add the lyrics to all songs currently listed in the wiki. If anyone notices any song that I missed or any glaring errors, please feel free to let me know. As I come across songs that appear on any bootlegs or official albums that are not currently on the list, I will add the song to the list and the lyrics under the song link. Again, if there are any songs that anyone feels should be added to the list and you can provide me with the album or bootleg on which the song appears then email me.

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New Links Section
Thursday, February 8th, 2007

The Webmaster and I have decided to add a ‘Link Exchange’ section to the Links page. It is basically a place to exchange links with other Bowie fan sites. For example, in order for VH1 to link to us we have to first link to them. So if you would like us to add your Bowie-related site in the Link Exchange section, then help us out and link to us from your site. Gotta help each other out, yo.

Incidentally, I linked to my MySpace page in the Webmistress’s Links section. If you request to add me as a friend, please let me know that you are a reader of Otherwise, you will remain in friend limbo because I will not know who you are.

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Happy Birthday To Us!
Monday, December 18th, 2006

The Webmaster and I totally neglected to celebrate our first birthday! turned 1 year old on December 12.  Calm yourselves please, no wild parties on our behalf.

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Lyrics Wiki Update
Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

I have completed the studio albums section of the wiki. Next on my list are the live albums, the soundtracks, and lastly the individual songs. Peruse them at your leisure.

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The Gallery Is Now Up
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Our gallery is now back up after our disastrous loss of data a couple of months ago. I have pictures from every era of Bowie’s career organized into folders to reflect the eras. There are over 1000 pictures in there, so I have not yet had a chance to edit all of the captions for all of the pictures. In the captions and/or description I will try to reflect the event at which the picture was taken and/or who took the picture. However, I do not have information as to who took the picture for well over two-thirds of the pictures in the gallery. If anyone sees a picture that either belongs to them or that they can verify the source for, then please contact me with the information. If you wish to have your picture removed, I will do that as well. The gallery is a work in progress and will be until every picture has a credit attached to it, so please bear with me. Furthermore, if you have any pictures that are not already featured and would like to see them added, then feel free to send those along as well. Your Webmistress thanks you.

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Digital Art Imitates Life
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Since we began developing this website, I think the hardest question has been: what should a website about David Bowie look like? As hackneyed as the word “chameleon” is in most every news bit about the man, his image really can’t be tied to one particular style. The designs of other top fan sites seem to gravitate toward favorite albums; Bowie Wonderworld leans toward Earthling, while is reminiscent of Hours. And where the look and feel of Bowienet aligns itself with the most recent album, none of the redesigns have compared to its initial Outside-related design. I always wish I could view the current content in that original interface.

Which got me to thinking, what if that were possible? What if our visitors could choose the design of to look like their favorite album? Cascading stylesheets make it entirely possible to separate the design from the content, and cookies could let each user pick and store their own preference. So I messed around with the idea and it looks like it actually works.

Go ahead, give it a shot. Over on the left where it says “Select Your Theme”, click on another album title. The page should reload with a different skin. I just made up few samples to start with, but eventually we might have all the studio albums covered. And your preference should stick until you pick another theme or clear your web browser’s cookies. All I need to do now is apply the design to the rest of the site.

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About This Website
Monday, December 12th, 2005

Andrea and I have launched this David Bowie fansite to share our common interest in the Duke with the rest of the web.

Some years ago I found her profile on and sent her an IM. We hit it off fairly well, dated for about three years, and then married our CD collections together back in May of 2004. In December of 2010 we produced a little Bowie fan of our own.  That’s the short version. Bowie’s music apparently brought us together and it’s safe to say his life and work will always be a source of intrigue and a topic for discussion for us. I think it’s about time we started writing it down.

And while is still tops as far as fansites are concerned, the flow of news and updates has completely dried up. Bowienet was once a prime resource for information, too, but it seems their only news headline anymore is “More Crap to Buy”. Is Chronology really coming soon? Anyone holding their breath for that has long since died, decayed, and grown a lush thicket of grass out of their crusty rear. Plus with his last journal entry more than a year ago, does it look like Sailor’s even interested anymore?

All the same, we still occasionally subscribe and enjoy what’s there. And as a webmaster I can appreciate how difficult it can be to keep the mouseball rolling. But once upon a time, that site was more than a message board and collection agency, it was alive and cutting edge.

So we’ll have a go at it ourselves. To start we’re plunking WordPress, Gallery2 and MediaWiki on the server. Now to fill them up.

Anyone wishing to contact us regarding information on the site can do so at webmistress (at) or webmaster (at) (Addresses not linked to in order to prevent us from getting spammed.)

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