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  1. ziggy_stardust Says:

    Hey my name’s Shaye, I’m 16 and live in British Columbia, Canada and I think David Bowie is absolutely incredible (obviously, or I wouldn’t be on this site). I’m not sure when I became a true Bowiephile, but I had been listening to several of his more popular songs when I decided, Hey this guy’s alright, maybe I should listen to him more. And of course, I did. In school i’m known as that Bowie guy haha and I just hope I get a chance to see the great one live in vancouver.

  2. saudade Says:

    Hello darlings! I am saudade, also known as the other half of the Webmistress’ brain. I am not a Bowiephile, but I like and respect his work and his mighty influence on those artists I am ‘philes of. I also love to come here and check out the happenings. You two run a class site.

  3. Webmistress Says:

    I suppose I should sign my own guestbook and tell you all how I became a Bowie Fangirl. 😉 My father has been a casual Bowie fan since Ziggy Stardust came out, so I’ve heard Bowie’s music my entire life either via the radio or old bootleg tapes of LPs from my dad’s poor college days.

    With the release of Earthling in 1997 and the subsequent airplay of I’m Afraid Of Americans, I got a bit more into Bowie. When I first heard IAOA, I was really surprised. Was this the same man who sang Fame, Changes, Young Americans, and Ziggy Stardust? So I absconded with my dad’s old tapes and bought a compilation album or two.

    Then in 1999 I was hooked with no turning back. I was being lazy and hanging around the house when Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show came on TV. She announced at the beginning of the show that David Bowie was going to be her musical guest. My exact thought was, “Huh! I wonder if he’s got something new out like I’m Afraid Of Americans?” So I braved the wasteland that was The Rosie O’Donnell Show and holy crap did it pay off. Bowie came on stage in khakis and a bright yellow shirt and crooned Thursday’s Child. For five minutes I watched open-mouthed. When he was finished, I had another memorable thought: “Is this the same man who sang I’m Afraid Of Americans?” Then I thought, “I’ve got to check out this dude’s back catalogue. That was amazing.”

    So the next day I went to the local library and checked out Station To Station and 1.Outside. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Isn’t it scary to think that in some indirect fashion that Rosie O’Donnell is responsible for my Bowie Fangirl-dom, my fortuitous meeting of the Webmaster, and this fan site?

  4. Webmaster Says:

    Alright, I’ll sign my own guestbook too. Since I’m a good 6 years older than the Webmistress, I got hooked on a different era of Bowie than she did. I grew up back in the 80’s when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and MTV actually played music videos. MTV delivered a steady dose of Ashes to Ashes, Let’s Dance and Blue Jean into my impressionable young mind.

    I always liked the songs, but I never bought any Bowie albums until 1991 when he did SNL with Tin Machine. The music and presentation was so distinctly different from the Bowie tunes I grew up with that it piqued my interest. I headed on over to the local record shop to pick up an album, but I was overwhelmed with the selection. They had all of the Rykodisc reissues at $7 or $8 a piece. I had no idea where to start, so I snatched up Young Americans first.

    Of course, that sounded nothing like 80’s Bowie or Tin Machine, but I still really liked what I heard. From then on I kept going back and picking up the studio albums. I really liked the narrative and other-worldly quality to his songs, and how each album had its own unique “sound and vision.”

    I’ve always had a inclination to collect things like Legos, Transformers action figures and dust, so collecting Bowie CDs and memorabilia ultimately became a hobby of mine. My fanatical consumerism finally paid me back when I was looking for another Bowiephile to chat with and found the Webmistress through Then things really got weird!

  5. bowiebimbo Says:

    HI! My name is Monica, I’m 30 live in a basement in Portland, Oregon but I’m about to move into a converted bus with my fiance/husband of 8 years. Space is a vacuum and David Bowie really sucked me in when I found “Moonage Daydream” on WMP and this really sweet picture of him on “The Ziggy Stardust Companion” in the later part of June of last year. Now I can’t stop listening to his music, watching his videos, and surfing for hot pictures!!! I’m especially hot all over him in the Ziggy Stardust era!!!!! YUMMY!!!!! When I first saw David Bowie in that minikimono performing “Ziggy Stardust” on the “Best of Bowie” dvd that my fiance got me a few years ago for Christmas, I was, like, “BEEFCAKE! BEEFCAKE! BEEFCAKE BOWIE!” The obsession was brewing then but it took a while to sink in. My mom introduced me to him when she got me “Labyrinth” when I was 9 and I thought he was hot in that, too. Huh? I don’t know why it took me so long to come full swing but, oh well. I got to celebrate my 30th birthday watching my “Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture” dvd and drinking “Thunderhead” beer with it, and having Betty Page incense going!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Very yummy beefcake Bowie!!!!!! What the hell happened to me??? I’m a bowienut!!!!

    I’d sure love to meet him but I’d better expand beyond the Ziggy Stardust era, otherwise, he’ll most likely get bored and tired of me fast! LOL I, too, have thick red hair only it’s very long and nature grown…not dyed!!!LOL

  6. heatherdunlap29 Says:

    hello thanks for a great bowie name is heather and i am from north georgia

  7. hot tramp Says:

    hi i’m very interested in finding out more about your early days picture section ie pictures page 1,bromley tech and page 2 with classmates and with mum and dad! do you know what years these pictures are from? or how old mr.bowie was when these snaps were taken? many thanks

  8. Motown1 Says:

    I am a huge Bowie fan. I won a Hunky Dory album in a contest (“album” dates me, huh?) and from that point on I was hooked. My favorite albums from Bowie are Diamond Dogs/David Live/Station To Station, but there are so many albums of great, interesting songs that it is hard to pick three. What really impressed me was watching the Stage show in Detroit in 76′. From the bizarre movie shown before the show to the bright white and black lighting and his live singing – it blew me away. I have seen most of the larger tours since, but that was memorable. Bowie has such a great imagination and variation in his writing that the songs never really get old. I am a big fan of Michael Garson and I am glad to see that he has appeared with him after years of absence. Favorite songs are Width of A Circle (David Live version), Aladdin Sane, Life On Mars, Stay, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Starman, Bewley Brothers.

    Great site!!

  9. Ms. Bowie Likes Cheez Says:

    All right. I did it!! I finally did it. I made an account. I have been coming back to this site again and again, drawn by it’s lure. I finally gave in. This makes this my first post on CrackedActor. I am so excited I could almost pee myself! So here I am, listening to Ashes to Ashes on Best of Bowie, relieving my friend of the forced duty to listen to me gabber endlessly about His Hottness, grinning stupidly. I am more than glad to join the ranks of the Bowiephiles.

    My obsession began with Labyrinth. My mom rented it from Blockbuster one night, and suggested we watch it. My initial reaction was “WTF?”, but as the movie progressed, I found myself sinking deeper. By the end I couldn’t stop grinning and humming, “As the world falls down…” After watching it a couple more times, my Bowie fandom was in full swing. I went digging through my parents CD’s and promptly made of with Ziggy Stardust and Let’s Dance. i loved every bit and marvelled at the drastic differences in his music. I grabbed for Young Americans next. And then Station to Station. And then…

    I’ve been going strong since. When I got on, my heart sank when I saw nothing had been posted in a month, almost a year. I cast my line out, and turned up this site. Like, I said, I’ve been drawn back, and couldn’t help staying quiet any longer. I think your site is awesome, and had to join.

    My new goals in life are: (1)Meet David Bowie. (2)Watch every movie he’s been in. (3) Listen to ALL of his music.

    My only request for this site is that you add a page for fanart–I’ve been dying to show my BowieArt to someone who CARES!!


  10. Says:

    Love the site, but prefer mine:

  11. friidan Says:

    Hello Bowie-friends!

    MissNewKillerStar and Antheaize on youtube have decided to do a name-list. We’re gonna send it to BowieNet. Ofcourse, we don’t want to do like you usually do a name-list… Not like: DAVID! COME BACK! Otherwise we hate you!! :@… :p

    No, we want to do this just to let David know how much he means to us! And thank him and show him that we are still here for him!

    We really hope the one on BowieNet that will read the mail shows David it if we get many names together! I think we all know it’s quite pointless to try to write to David alone, but if we all do it together it will maybe work!

    If you want David to know you are there for him, you can write your name and if you want a VERY short greeting to him 🙂 Max. 10 words, otherwise it would be too much if everyone write a whole letter as you might understand 😉 We (MissNewKillerStar and Antheaize) are gonna write a bit longer letter from all of us with the list too 🙂

    Please send this mail to all Bowie-fans on youtube you know!
    And we also want to say we’re sorry if you have got this mail twice… or even more times… We can’t know if someone has sent it to you before 😉

    Send your name and greeting to MissNewKillerStar or Antheaize! (Not to the person you got the mail from, if it wasn’t from us ofcourse 😉 only to one of us)

    I know some of you maybe don’t have a youtube account, it’s OK to send it by mail to me: [email protected] 🙂

    Let David know we love him! 😀

    Frida and Anthea

  12. jetters Says:

    David Bowie is one of my favorite musicians. Hard to believe that Ziggy Stardust has been making music since 1969.I do prefer his older work, such as Space Oddity, but do enjoy when he appears in movies. Really liked his cameo role in Zoolander as well as David Bowie’s appearance in The Prestige.

  13. Proud Galleries Says:

    Hello everyone!

    From October 28th 2010 Proud Camden will present Any Day Now: David Bowie – The London Years (1947 – 1974), an exclusive photographic portrait of the icon’s formative years in London, in conjunction with the publication of the book of the same title. This exhibition charts the rise of one of the most influential artists of our time, David Bowie, from his birth in London in 1947 to the height of his success in 1974 with the release of his album Diamond Dogs – and his departure from the UK.

    As a site dedicated to David Bowie, we were wondering if the exhibition is of interest for anyone? Please contact me directly should you want the press release.

    Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact me directly on [email protected]

    Hope this exhibition excites some of you!

    Sophie x

  14. Bowiestar Says:


    Hello! I sell Bowie items I have twice:
    Bootleg Cd’s, Japan Cd’s, Single Cd’s, Clippings, Magazines, Prints, Vinyls, Picture Dics, etc.

    Including the SO-O RARE The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976 ORIGINAL lobby cards-stills!!!

    Also the super rare Moonage Daydream Signed Book from Genesis Publications!!!!!! New!!!!!!

    Check out items:

    E-mail me for any questions: [email protected]

    Thanks a lot,

  15. Mia Says:
    Please check it out.
    It’s for Bowie’s birthday 😀

  16. sonsofthesilentage Says:

    Hi, my name is Chris Connelly, and I am singing in a band dedicated to Bowie’s music called SONS OF THE SILENT AGE, for a huge charity event benefiting the PABLOVE organization (pediatric cancer relief) this January 11th at metro in Chicago, I will be joined by Shirley Manson(garbage) and Matt Walker (smashing pumpkins, filter) on drums. The set is long, and we are focusing on the bulk of his career…..

  17. tarkstar Says:

    There is a David Bowie solo performance taking place at Madame Jo Jo’s on July the 17th
    A unique mixture of sound and vision, the show’s creator and performer Tarquin,
    widely regarded as the best Bowie singer in the world, has created a projected video back drop that runs in sync with the songs he performs and mirrors the fascinating subject matter of Bowies songs. . Tarquin also employs an actor on stage to play some of the characters in Bowie’s songs , the misguided angel in “look back in anger” the girl lost and abandoned in a cinema in the moving song ” Life On Mars”
    the mirror alter ego of Bowie in the guitar solo of “Moonage Daydream” from the album “Ziggy Stardust”
    The actor also uses live stage lighting for some atmospheric settings.
    The show consists of two 50 minute sets and has a mixture of David Bowies greatest hits such as
    fashion, heroes, Life On Mars fame as well as great album tracks such as Alladinsane, Andy Warhol, Loving the Alien and then some surprise rarer tracks.
    Tickets for this show can be obtained through

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